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Shall we throw away our microwave ovens day 3

I eager to take another photo to the grass.


Do you see any significant differences from yesterday?






No. I do not.

But it seems grass B in left side grow a lot.



How to use wiper blades properly?

After installation, you may start using it and enjoy beautiful view now.

However, to make sure your wiper blades operate properly, you need to:

  • Check before drive, especially for long distance drive. Wiper blades normally need to be replaced every year; however, it may be damaged due to aging, bad weather. As it plays important role in safety, you need to make sure it is intact before driving.
  • ¬†Avoid dry wiping. Water is good lubricant for wiping. Dry wiping would increase the friction and impact your blades life. Your blades may become chattering or causing noise if you operate wipers in dry conditions frequently.
  • Wiper blades are good for rain, fog and snow but not for ice. Never use it to wipe off ice on your windscreen. No rubber blades are hard enough for ice scrubbing. Your wiper blades will get damaged with 2 minutes. ¬†Ice is always the number one killer for wiper blades.