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shall we through away microwave oven? day 5 and 6


Day 3


Day 5


Day 6

Sorry I did not take photo on day 4 and I did not update the progress yesterday.

Now Grass B grows well and we see no differences in grass between microwaved watered ones and normal watered ones yet.

Just remind that I have only water those grass once, as I see no needs of watering it everyday. If the soil is wet, why should I water it?

It seems now grass A become thirsty (shrink a little bit), I will water them tomorrow.



Shall we throw away our microwave ovens day 1

Is Micro-Waved Food Safe?

There are many disputes, arguments but few scientific evidences on this topic. The direct experiments on human being could be hard to carry out. However, it could be much easier to do it on plants.

I will start an experiment right away from today which I will apply city water and microwaved water solely and desperately on two group of grasses. I will observe water impact on grass’s growth and compare the health of grass  between tested group and benchmark group.

I will record all those process with photos and update on internet.

No time wasting, here we go:

1. A glass container was washed clean and be ready to use, I will divide it into two halves.  One side will be for plants with microwaved water, another side will be for plants with city tap water.








2. To indicate which is which more clearly, I put 4 labels on it.


3. A bird view of the glass container. Image

4. what plant shall I use? I have some on my backyard. I will plant same grass on each side to show the differences. I will not use too big one nor two small ones. The dark green one looks quite lovely, I will use it.
5. I will use soil from an used flower basin. I hope it works.
6. Now soil is inside the glass container/box. Image
7. How to divide it or saperate into two rooms? I find some plastic material I will use it. Image
8. The plastic cover is an ideal divider.
9. Let me cut it with scissors.

10. Now the divider is almost ready.
11. Perfect match!
12. Let me start to transfer some plants into the container.
13. Now 3 pairs of plants been moved to glass containers.Sorry I don’t know the names of grass, but we would need the name in future. Let us call the big one A (in dark green needle leaves), medium one B (with round yellow green leaves) and small one C (with standard green oval leaves)
14.I want to do one more thing. I want to know the impact one seeds. So I have some seeds here.
15. 4 Seeds in my palm.
16. Seeds are planted.2 on each side.
15. Let me put more soil on it.
16. Now it’s ready.
17. Let me move it to area with more sunshine.Image
18. water is ready. Same amount from same tap.
19. One cup is put into microwave.Image
20. Heated for 1 minutes.
22. It is marked with label. But it is hot, Need to wait until it’s cool down.Image
24. One hour later, after micro waved water cooling down, I pour 2 cups of water into two assigned half. Hope it is not too late. The sunshine hurt the grass a little bit.