Green Earth Award


Fellow toast masters, last Month I got a Green Earth Award from Rob Ford, for my special contribution on Energy saving.


My first project is a manual elevator in my house. It was 2 years ago when I found my new home is only 2 stories high, I was so happy. “That is great! I don’t have to waste my time and energy in going up and down anymore!”  You know I lived on 68th floor in Shanghai. I waved goodbye to my wife like this.


But 3 days later my happiness has gone. First of all, I need to go up and down even more frequently. In Shanghai, although I lived high but everything happened on the same floor. But here it’s different. I need to go down to cook,  go up to have shower, go down to cook, go up to read, go down to watch TV, go up to check emails, go down to drink, go further down to wash clothes, go up to sleep. When I forgot where I put my keys, I had to go up and down, up and down. More importantly, in Shanghai, I go up stairs like this, No, I never used stairs or my legs and knees. But in Canada, I had to use my legs. For 20 years, my muscle of legs could not support me for such a heavy duty. After 3 days my legs went on strike and I had to live in Sofa on the first floor. I had to separate with my wife for a while.


Then I called elevator company, “Hi there, can you install an elevator for me?”

“Sorry sir, we don’t have elevator for houses. We only have elevators for skiing ground”.


“OK, thank you.” But I did not give up. So I did it myself. I installed a big hook on the ceiling, fix a pulley there and put though ropes around pulley, and tie up my chairs with ropes. Then every time when I go up and down, I still use my hands. No power, no carbon release. That’s my first project.


Several weeks later after my arrival, winter came to Canada. Snow is so beautiful, for me. But soon I found it never stops and meanwhile, since I had to keep my furnace running day and night to keep warm, the energy bill also flied to me like snowflakes.


I must do something different.  Yeah. Then I found something I can change.


I notice one phenomenon. I use energy to keep my house warm, but at the same time, I use energy to keep my food and my meat frozen with refrigerator. The fridge is inside my warm house.


That made no sense to me. How about you, my dear HVAC expert?


So without hesitation I cut off my cable of my fridge. I moved a cabinet outside onto the deck, it is deeply covered by snow. It’s my refrigerator. A natural one, it is green. no carbon release, green energy. With this, I saved a lot of energy cost. That’s my second green project.


But I could not stop myself in doing more. I had good projects for winter energy saving, how about summer? Yes, I did something for summer too. In summer, more energy is main driver of energy cost. I had better solutions.


I shoveled more snow on the road and packed them tightly in cartons and wrapped them with insulation tapes. I pied up those cartons inside my basement.  Whole basement was full now.


So when hot summer comes, I will peel off the insulation tapes little by little. Then snow inside will melt little by little, I will have a cool summer without using Air Conditioners.


News goes quickly. Neighbors in all communities visit me, congratulate me or some of them started to follow me, since so many people are following me, snow was removed at once from all the road. So it is no longer necessary for Toronto to do public snow removing. So I was nominated as Energy saving star and Major Ford game me an Award last month during his drug break.



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