Fellow toast masters and welcome guests, spring has come back to Canada, do you enjoy going out? Do you enjoy tours to those places you have never been to?


When you travel in a remote area or a foreign country, if you have an urgent need to go to hospital, maybe due to a disease, or an unexpected incident, do  you need to communicate with Doctors or first aid people? Yes, of course, normally you need to fill out those hospital questionnaires about your medical history, physical condition, and allergies and answer their questions. You would answer their questions.


But what if you cannot communicate with them in their local language? What if the urgency event has made you even lost your capability of talking even lose consciousness at that moment?


We all know in order to help us, rescue team or doctors may have to know:


  1. Who are you?
  2. What is your contact person?
  3. Your blood type?
  4. Your medical allergies
  5. Your physical and medical conditions.


Every second is so important for you. They need the answer.


Just imagine what they would do for me if I were in such situations:


  • They would find my mobile phone, as you can imagine. It is out of power.
  • They would take out my SIM card, they cannot read it due to it is password protected.
  • Then they would find my passport, they try to contact Canada or China, no one is on duty at night.
  • Then they found my health card, but there is no much valuable information in it.
  • Then they found my driver license, it is most updated. With this, they checked with police, they found my emergency contact number. They called the number, but my wife’s mobile phone is powered off.


Since each second is critical to my life, I need an more efficient tool to assist such communication.


This is a card called Emergency card.


On the surface, I have put my name, emergency contact number and back up number, my family doctor number, my blood type, drug I allergic to and my emergency kit location.


But what about your medical history, health conditions and other data?


Don’t worry. It is inside the chip. It can be connected to any computer with USB port.


So, with this small card in your wallet, you would become more confident about your emergency information.


It works well under all weather. No battery is needed.


What if the man can store all his medical history, including examines, allergies, medications, everything there. We can even put other critical document there and let it be your moving personal data center. Of course, we can set up password for privacy protection.


We pray the world is peaceful in its every corner, no disasters like tsunami in Japan, earth quake in Haiti, no hurricanes in Newfoundland, no storm in Calgary, we hope there no 911, no titanic, no bombing in Boston, no 25000 serious injuries caused by traffic accident.


But if we are prepared to handle those situations, we and our loved ones would have less concern. It is easy and not costly.


It is water proof, Samsung chipset, 10 year quality warranty.


If you also want to have one, check with me.


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