How to use Visual Aids?


Everyone of us has to meet the challenge to speech before public, maybe thousands of people, maybe just a small group. Do you want your speech to be a normal one or excellent one? Of course: Excellent.


To make an impressive speech, there are millions of suggestions, but today I want to share a tool which can make your presentation outstanding immediately. The name is Visual Aids.


Why visual aids are so magic? Let us do an experiment.

If I say “blood is circulating around human body all the time”. It is just a normal sentence. You will not catch it, if you catch it, you may forget it soon.


But let us do it in a different way. (Turn off the light).


Hello, everyone. What can you see between my fingers? Yes, the red part. It is blood.


Is it more impressive?


Visual aids help speaker to draw audience’s attention and visualize complex concepts. It also contributes to a longer memory,

According to a study jointly conducted by 3M and UOM in 1986, ” People who use visual aids are 43% more persuasive than those whodon’t.


Tonight I want to share with you three most useful suggestions with regard to visual aids.


First, you should know her.


How many of you experienced the awkward situations of technical problems when you use projector?  Yes, it happens all the time. We should not let our well prepared speech would be ruined by poor preparation.


Moreover, you should remember purpose of your VA is to serve your speech or presentation, not VA itself.

Many years I had a very bad experience. Before an important meeting with our customers, I prepared more than 40 pages with excessive details of data, chart, But at third page, the customer dropped me a question, when I answered his questions, he asked more questions, then I started to worry about my ppt, worry about my time, and I could focus on my communication with our directors. Our important customers were not happy about it.  In that case, I was a salve of VA. I forgot to communicate with audience, which are the very purpose of my presentation.


Second, KISS.

What is KISS? Keep it stupid and simple.


Every second, there are 350 ppt is presenting, and 99% are suck. Why? Many people forget one simple rules-Simplicity. Too complicated visual aids would not be supportive but distractive.


~Make the words large enough to read.

~Keep points in brief and short. Never copy whole paragraphs into your ppt. ~Keep your presentation neat and not complicated in charts and colors.


Third, leave.

Do not glue yourself to your VA.

Do not insult audience by reading and turn your back to them. This instantly breaks the connection with the audience!

With VA, there are 3 party relationships. We cannot rely on VA to communicate with our audiences; we should interact with your audience, not our ppt.

We should leave VA and stay connected with our audiences.


So to summarize, with well prepared VA, our presentation could become extremely impressive. In order to achieve that, we should know it, keep it simple and leave it.

With that, you would be able to deliver a “wow” presentation.


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