10 challenges our wiper blades may have to face


1.  Ice cutting

Ice is No. 1 killer of your soft and tender rubber fillers. Shovel it with other tools, not your blades. Never wipe if there is ice on your windscreen.

2.  UV aging

However you protect it, it happens everyday. The full-cap design which allows your rubber be covered and avoid direct sunshine shooting may make your rubber last longer.




( Due to copy right concern, the full version is not posted here. If you need it, please write to: charles.omegahitech@outlook.com)

8. Salt corrosion. In cold winter, many countries use industry salt to decrease the freezing point so to keep the road clean. The salt is another killer of your rubber blades, as well as your shoes.

9. Uneven force torturing During the operation of your wipers, the forces on the blades are not even distributed for some designs.  For long run, some blades would show streaking, hollow center, dead corner or dead ends.

10. Wind-blown cracking The chilly winter wind blow your blades without mercy,  especially when you are on high way. Any small seams on your blades could become big cracks.

In the market, there are some new models address those problems better than others.

Some latest design has integrated several functions into wipers including screening, rubbing, wiping and cleaning, so people call it “scruwipeaner”.

A strange word. Isn’t it?


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