Where to buy a pair of good wiper blades?

Where to buy a pair of good wiper blades?

If you have chosen one, now you can buy it. It is easy to pay one line or get one in store. However, as most of well packed in PVC packaging, how do you know it’s really works for your car? You need to think what if it does not work. Can you return it easily? Who will pay for the return freight? Any re-position fee for your return? Sometimes, the return charge may be higher than the cost of goods. You just have to throw it away if it doesn’t work for you. What a waste!

How much you need to pay? It depends on your urgency and your knowledge about the wiper blades. Knowledge is money otherwise you may tend to those famous brands or expensive ones, just because they give you more confidence or make you feel more conformable. But again, brand or payment does not guarantee your quality. Quality is quality, it is independent from other factor, any defects in quality control could lead to quality problems.

With regard to price, general market would need you pay between 15 to 20 bucks.Still, if you do not research, you may more than average but get an unsatisfying one.


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