What you must know before replacing your wiper blades?

In order to find a good replacement of your wiper blades, you may need to do some research before picking up your wallet.

1.    Know your current one.

Technology advances quickly even with small items of wiper blades. Before changing to new one, you need to know some basic things from your existing one to you will not waste your time due to wrong size or mismatched connectors.

What you need to check:

  1.  Size .  It’s important to get the length of your wiper blades correct. You should not guess, you can either measure the blades with a ruler or check the manual and use the size recommended by the manufacturer of the blade. Size of your blades (in inches, normally from 14″-28″); You may also find your vehicle on different websites.
  2. Connectors Connector types are also important as need to match your arm types.  There are three common types of connectors for conventional blades:
  • Side Pin — a small pin on the wiper arm snaps into a hole on the wiper blade attachment
  • Bayonet — a flat, square piece of metal slides into the wiper blade attachment
  • Hook — a curved, u-shaped hook goes over and around the wiper blade attachment

The connectors may be wider or narrower depending on the type of car you have. Wiper manufacturers typically describe this width in millimeters (abbreviated mm)– 5mm, 7mm and 9mm are common widths.

Until about ten years ago, almost every car sold in the United States and Canada used one of these connectors, most commonly the hook. They are equally easy to use and capable at holding the wiper in place. What’s important when you’re shopping for wipers is finding the connector that’s right for your vehicle. Many blades come with adapters in the package to fit all these different connection types. Others are prepackaged with a specific connector. In either case, if your blades don’t have the right kind of connector, they are not going to work on your car.

( Due to copy right concern, the full version is not posted here. If you need it, please write to: charles.omegahitech@outlook.com)

Newer cars have different kinds of connectors, which causes additional confusion. If your car came with beam blades, most (but not all) of the time you have one of the following connector types:

  •  Pin & Hook — a small pin on the wiper arm slides into a hole on the wiper blade, and a hook on the arm holds the pin in place
  •  Balanced Bayonet — a clamp on the wiper arm snaps into place on the wiper blade
  •  Pinch Tab — the wiper blade rocks into place and can be released by squeezing both sides of the wiper arm attachment

Sometimes, cars with beam blades still use the ‘classic’ attachments. And most manufacturers make beam blades that fit on to older cars that originally came with conventional blades. Trying to put conventional blades on a car that requires beam blades is one of the most common wiper mistakes.


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